National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
Second Day

The second day began with breakfast followed by non-competitive compatitions in the morning from 9 till 11:30. I presented at 10:30, was definantaly nervous although my voice did hold okay. I ended up reading my script though. Oh well. At noon, we all picked up box lunches and boarded busses to our previously chosen tour destination. I had signed up for sea world and was sorely disapointed when I heard my trip had been canceled due to lack of general interest.   :-(   Kennedy Space Center was my second choice, and as it turned out, a good one. We arrived back at the resort around 6, just enough time to grab dinner and board the busses again for Epcot. We entered Epcot through a back entrance near Maraco, where we would met by Epcot red-coats who guided us to a parade viewing area that had been roped off and researved for us. After the parade, we escorted to a VIP fireworks viewing area located right on the Epcot-lakefront. We were served desert as we sat and watched the lightshow, and then we were guided back to the exit and our busses.

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