National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
Arrival at the Symposium

Students arrived into the Orlando international airport throughout the day on Wed.. The large red-lettered "JSHS" sign was hard to miss as we entered into the baggage claim area. Luggage in hand, we were shuffled onto a large air-conditioned bus for the short ride to the Wyndham Resort. Upon arrival, we waited in line to receive our name badges, information packets, and room assignments. I was impressed by the high level of organization with which the whole process was carried out. After receiving all my goodies, I made my way to the tech room to hand over my powerpoint presentation and confirm that the presentation rooms where accessible via wheelchair. Everything seemed in order, so I wheeled over to my room to unpack.

The symposium kicked off on Wed. evening with an informal dinner and several speakers. Having been up since 4 am pacific time, I admit that I had trouble keeping myself awake long enough to eat, no less take pictures. The dinner was good and I found my room to be very comfortable (especially the bed, for the few moments that I was awake to notice!)

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