St. Croix Pics - 03/25/04

Spent the morn. on the veranda... Kate and Lauren lounged at Cane Bay Beach while Hannah drove to the F'stead pier for an afternoon dive with N 2 The Blue. Unfortunatally, the dive was canceled at the last minute. We all bobbed aroung in the surf at Cane bay for another two hours and then returned home

We started decorating the cabinet doors with beach glass designs.

Pictures of the finished product tomorrow!

Beautiful sunset...

Kate swept the stairs and Hannah scrubbed them - painting preperation.

Free dinner buffett at Bougies down the road. We got to listen to the "live entertainment" slaughter Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet, Counting Crows and others. But the food was decent and the crowd was entertaining. and it was free!

came back and did some cleaning

Lauren started painting the stairs, doing an excellent job. second coat tomorrow.