Nudibranchs are sea slugs... they are one of those types of critters that you look at and can't help but wonder "how in the hell did that evolve???" Below I've posted some nudibranch links for those who are curious. Google, you're local university library and/or book store are also excellent resources.

  • What is a Nudibranch? quick introduction...

    The following sites have excellent information and EXTENSIVE link collections, check them out:

  • - Literature search engine, bibliography, taxonomic files and links to over 7,500 color opisthobranch photos from around the world. Reference source for information about marine slugs, seaslugs, anaspideans, lamellarians, heteropods, pteropods, gymnosomatans, opisthobranchs, pyramidellids, nudibranchs, micro-shells & related mollusks

  • Slug Site - Sea slug of the week, photos, news, good stuff!